What about that Catalan Independence vote?

This is a geo-political issue that hasn't made headlines in the US but it should because it could very easily lead to world war 3 and it's not Korea, Iran, or Syria.

Some thoughts:

For one, someone needs to condemn the Spanish police violently preventing people from voting.

For another, if Catalonia declares independence, this will most likely lead to a very bloody Spanish civil war (don't these guys learn?) in a country that cannot economically lose the production of Catalonia nor can they afford a long term war (the economy in Spain sucks, in other words).

Third, Russia will most likely recognize an independent Catalonia, thus causing major international strife both with the EU (who has thus far solidly sided with Spain), and NATO (Spain is a member state).

Now for some facts:

Catalan represents 20% of Spain's GDP.  In a country with high unemployment and tenuous at best fiscal debt, the loss of Catalan would be very costly to Spain.  Here is an older article from Business Insider that discusses some of the fiscal variables in the scenario of an independent Catalonia.

Admittedly, it's imperative to read multiple sources on this issue as there seems to be some form of propaganda from Spain's papers, the Washington Post is particularly quick to blame Russia.

We'll see what happens.  Interesting times!